Aerial Yoga 4 week series with Jessi Rae

January 6-27, Wednesdays at 6-7 pm.

Registration closed. Booked Out. Next series starts February. Registration will be open soon.

This is an Aerial Flow yoga class designed similar to Vinyasa or regular yoga flow class except we will be using the serial yoga hammock to aid in deeper stretching and allow for safe supported inversions.

Class is limited to 6 people.

Please, email at if there are no more spots available for the Wednesday enrollment. 

Requires online sign up for all 4 classes of the series in advance, no drops ins, no esceptions.

 Cancellations are processed in full until January 1st.

Series are NON REFUNDABLE after January 1st, no exceptions. Registration closes on January 4th.

Investment $80.

Jessi Rae

Teacher, Life Long Student.

As a lifetime dancer and yogi, I happened to stumble across aerial yoga and immediately thought “I have to do that”. I was intrigued and mesmerized by its beauty and grace. It wasn't until after I began practicing and then teaching it, did I realize all of the amazing, beneficial healing aspects of this beautiful art form. 

My aerial yoga practice significantly improved my strength, stability, and flexibility; As a result, I noticed a huge difference in my regular yoga practice. I soon began to notice that certain postures that were once very challenging for me were getting easier as I progressed. I saw myself achieving goals that I struggled with all these years in my regular yoga practice. And now as an instructor I see the same goals being achieved by my students. Teaching Aerial Yoga and seeing the growth and progression in my students as well as myself has been a life changing experience. I couldn't be happier to share this gift of Aerial Yoga with all of those that have a desire to learn and grow with me.