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September 17, 2018

Finally, my friend Moira decided to give yoga a try.

“There’s a sense of lack to my life,” she said, as we were driving to the studio to take a class together. “Initially I thought that retiring from gymnastics was the reason... But I made a honest self inquiry and I realized that competing was my hideaway: I had been hiding from myself.  Don’t get...

January 7, 2016

I am looking forward to returning to the studio. Life has been incredibly busy of late and I have missed the regular routine of teaching. 

While illness and family circumstances have kept me from my regular teaching schedule, I tried not to let those things interrupt my personal yoga practice. 

It can be hard to maintain or even build a daily pr...

June 24, 2015

Since my journey with yoga began more than twenty years ago, I have waxed and waned between disciplined and completely lax about my practice, but one thing has always remainted true: I practice better and more regularly when I have space and make space. 

Does that mean you have to have a special room in your house dedicated only the practi...

May 8, 2015


I am inspired by fellow yogi and friend, Teresa Cooper, also known as T-Bird Survivor Season 3 Finalist, but its not her celebrity that I am in awe of.

It's her amazing and joyful personality. Her smile is wide and welcoming. She takes the time to listen and share in a way that brings joy and comfort to others.  I can attest to this personally, as...

April 20, 2015

Symptoms can include (but are not limited to):

  • Pain along sciatic nerve pathway – lower back, buttock, back of thigh or calf.

  • Numbness or loss of feeling in legs and feet

  • Tingling, burning, pinching or pins and needles


It can flare up when you bend over, run, sit, or transition from sitting to standing but when it happens it doesn’t...

March 9, 2015


What can you do for you neck?

You may wonder what will help and I did, too. Because there is so much information coming at you from every direction, it can be hard to know just what will help. 

First, let me say, I am not a doctor, chiropractor, or super hero with MRI glasses so I can't tell what you have going on in your spine or neck. 

What I can d...

February 17, 2015


With so many styles to choose from, you may wonder which one is right for you. Easy answer, the one that helps you develop awareness.

Ok, so that didn’t really answer it for you or did it? Well, finding your style can be like eating your favorite food, but if your favorite food is chocolate ice cream then you might want to rethink things.Here are s...

February 17, 2015

Our lives can be incredibly demanding, especially in this 'connected' age where technology and multi-tasking consume every moment of our lives. 

How often do you just turn off your phone, TV, iPad, iPod, computer or radio and just sit in silence pampering yourself? Never, unless of course you practice restorative yoga. 

The benefits are many:

  • Impr...

February 4, 2015