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Body, Mind, can happen here.


There are many reasons to practice yoga.  Some people are drawn to the physicality of the ancient practice and seek the strength, endurance, and flexibility that it brings. While others turn to yoga because they seek relief from stress or anxiety and hope to find peace through the meditative aspects of yoga. Whatever your reasons are, you are welcome in our studio!


We Believe...

...that anyone can benefit from yoga. Anyone can be MORE, not less, at any age, any stage of their life, regardless of circumstance.


Our Mission...

... is to provide a safe, caring, welcoming and encouraging environment where all students, beginners and experienced alike, can discover their true potential. Through different types and levels of classes, we strive to meet a variety of needs and help students build a life-long personal practice that is beneficial on the physical, physiological, and spiritual levels.


Our Ultimate Goal... to help you obtain strength, flexibility, balance, and contentment in your everyday life, both on and off the mat, through the ancient practice of Yoga.

What our cutomers are saying:

" I love this yoga studio! I have tried others in the area, but this is by far the best one. There are many classes to choose from, even if you are a beginner. Irina makes sure you are doing the poses correctly and sets an ambiance that makes you feel truly relaxed. This location is really close to my house so that makes it even better. The studio is large and beautiful inside. She always provides smoothies and herbal tea for you after, so you really feel rejuvenated. I really wouldn't go anywhere else ."

Sarina S.

 "This yoga studio makes me feel like I am at a spa relaxing.  Clean, tranquil and inviting!

I am a beginner yoga student and have taken class with multiple instructors.  All of them are experienced in providing options to all the levels of individuals in the room.

This studio has motivated me to keep coming back to yoga and explore my own practice of yoga."

" Hi Irina, Recently I couldn't stop my mind going around in circles. Even I do meditate, I coudn't stop it. But thanks to your today's class, I finally got quiet mind for a while. Thank you! "

Sakurako S.

Denise K. 

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