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Self-care Series


New Moon Sound and Sacred Cacao Ceremony

With Sara Yehya and Joanna Elkhoury

3/10/2024  11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Offered in-studio ONLY. Pre-registration is required.


In this enchanting gathering, we will dive into the ancient traditions and wisdom surrounding cacao, regarded as a sacred plant with incredible properties for the mind, body, and spirit.

Throughout the evening, we'll explore the essence of the current New Moon energy, accompanied by a soulful sound bath with crystal and brass singing bowls, a guided meditation, and an intention release ceremony.


The culmination of our gathering will be marked by joyful movement and celebration. We will end by integrating with a wholesome and delicious meal, providing a moment of connection and nourishment for all.

Event open to all. No Yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

Price: $35.00 Early bid

           $40.00 The day of the event                                     

New Moon Cacao Ceremony Event .jpg

The Art of Letting Go

With Denice Lee

2/17/2024  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Offered in-studio ONLY. Pre-registration is required.


Join us for a Guided Meditation with Intuitive Life Coach and Healer Denice Lee. 

Let go of heavy energies that weight you down.

As we release old energies of the past. We make space for new things to manifest.

Relax and be guided to release built up energies of stress and worry.



* Greater Peace

* Greater Alignment

* Greater Energy


We will be illuminating past experiences, boxing them up and shipping them out (not reliving them, releasing them).  No meditation experience required.  We will set intentions together, then relax and allow yourself to be guided to experience life on a renewed level!


We provide yoga mats and blankets, just bring your desire for change.

Price: $43.00

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Dreams Mini-Retreat

02/24/2024  6:30 - 9:00 pm

and 02/25/2024 8:00 - 10:30 am

with Pam Muller

Offered in-studio ONLY. Pre-registration is required.

The dream is a little hidden door into the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul.” Carl Jung (1933)


This experience is designed to open the “little hidden door (to your) soul”. Whether you never remember dreams, or have the most vivid dreams night after night, this event is for you. There will be something in this experience for every kind of dreamer! 


Over the span of 2 sessions, we will explore sleep, dreams, dream interpretation, and the wealth of personal discoveries that are just waiting to be uncovered!


The two session event will span from evening to morning, so that we can set the tone for dreaming in the PM session, then sleep in the comfort of our own beds, and return to reflect on our dreams in the AM session!


This event will be content-heavy (you’ll be getting a ton of practical insights, tips, tricks and tools for working with your dreams), so bring paper and pen to both sessions.


PM Pajama party takeaways:

  • Basic principles of dream interpretation

  • What type of dreamer you are (and helpful tips for your type)

  • Practical tips for remembering dreams

  • Best sleep practices to enhance dreaming

AM Sunrise Dream Share takeaways:

  • Effective ways to reflect on dreams in the morning

  • The 4 components of every dream

  • Experience in dream group work using the Haden method

  • How to integrate a dream’s message into waking life

Mini Dream Retreat Feb Flyer-final.jpg

*  Price Includes both sessions

Full Moon Meditation Circle

With Joanna Elkhoury

02/25/2024  6:30 - 8:30 pm

Offered in-studio ONLY. Pre-registration is required.

Join us for our monthly full moon meditation circle for a time of connection, inner reflection, releasing and community. 


You will be guided through a sound healing session, followed by journaling and a cleansing meditation.  We will end with a releasing ritual, tea and moon treats!

Our monthly Full Moon Circle is a place to practice non judgement, compassion and active listening. If you are seeking a deeper connection with yourself and others, join us!  We would love to have you in our circle.


Wear comfortable clothes.  No Yoga or meditation experience is necessary.


Price: $20.00 Early bird

           $25.00 The day of the event

Full Moon Circle_Main_edited.jpg

Transformational Breathwork

With Branton Box

02/28/2024  6:00 - 7:15 pm

Offered in-studio ONLY. Pre-registration is required.

What’s the first step in getting out of jail? Realizing that one is in jail. The jail of identification with your mind, the jail of a limiting belief system, or past trauma that acts as the unseen rudder within your personal life. 


These thought patterns and energies aren’t always seen but still operate within our subconscious. And as long as the subconscious remains buried, it will continually play out in our lives, and we will call it fate. 


Breathwork brings limiting thought patterns to light. It also allows us to release repressed traumas stored at a cellular level within our bodies. In short, it creates space so that we can observe our lives free from emotional attachment and provide the necessary clarity we’ve been longing for.

Join Branton Box for an hour of Transformational Breathwork Workshop to:

* Create a sense of emotional well-being in the body

* Release stored tension

* Improve your capacity to breathe deep

* Provide tools for everyday life

* Let go of limiting self-talk, narratives, and stories

* Release past traumas and emotional blind spots

* Let go of anger, reduce anxiety, and empower oneself via the clear seeing of awareness

Participants will be guided through a 50-minute deep breathing session. Details will be provided to ensure participants are informed and comfortable. All levels of experience are welcome. The workshop is not difficult. The impact can be PROFOUND and LIFE-CHANGING.

Price: $45.00

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