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What do others say about our retreats?

"Attending the Truth in Motion weekend was 2 days filled with connection, good food, meaningful conversations, new friends, and beautiful surroundings.  Irina and Joanna led us through meditations, yoga sessions and a special fire ceremony.  You were encouraged to participate but never pressured.  You were really free to experience everything or just sit and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.  I would recommend this to beginners or advanced yogis.  I can not wait to do again!" -Jill K.

"The retreat was serene and lovely, with rustic, yet luxurious accommodations, and amazing meals that were both healthy and bountiful. Doing yoga outside next to a waterfall was an amazing experience, and the gorgeous, circular studio on the mountain top is a very zen practice space. The meditation in the forest at the base of a 200 year old tree was one of my favorite experiences." - Becky and Mark G.

"I had the most amazing experience this past summer at the Elohee Retreat in North Georgia lead by Irena and Joanna. Aside from it being such a beautiful, spiritual place, all the people there were so warm and loving.  There were several people I knew from Truth In Motion and others I have never met before but the connection  between us all was so wonderful. I spent some time alone and really connected to nature, from the waterfalls to the old Hemlock tree to the mountains,  made it very difficult for me to leave.  I have to admit, once I got home, it took me several days to come down off this high." -Enid S.

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