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Private Energy Healing and Therapeutic Yoga Sessions


Private Reiki and Pranic Healing Energy Sessions with  Joanna Elkhoury

Joanna has been practicing energy healing since 2010.  What started as a simple curiosity to learn something new, developed into a passion and a way of life in helping her family, friends, and others.  She has been trained under highly skilled healers and masters and continues to expand her horizons in learning different modalities.  She is also a certified Usui Reiki master.



What is "Pranic healing"?

Pranic healing is a highly tested system of energy medicine that targets the energy body or electro-magnetic field that surrounds and inter penetrates our physical body.  It works on the principle of clearing blockages from our energy centers and balancing them in order to facilitate a smooth un-obstructed flow of Prana/Chi/life force, which In turn will  help in accelerating the rate of healing in our physical body.


What technique is used during pranic healing sessions?

It is a no touch technique and can be performed in person or long distance.


What can pranic healing and reiki sessions help with?

Pranic healing can target physical ailments as complicated as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer; and can relieve pain, heal wounds, broken bones and headaches and many more.  It also has proven very successful in clearing emotional blockages, and in relieving stress and help with addictions.


Price List:

Single appointment:
1 session (90 minutes) - $100.00

(Premium Members receive a 15% discount on a 90 minute session - discount does not apply to multiple pre-booked sessions)


                                Multiple pre- booked appointments:                                 

4  Sessions: $340.00 (Must be used in 4 months)

8 Sessions: $640.00 (Must be used in 8 months)

10 Sessions: $750.00 (Must be used in 12 months)


For more information contact: 

Joanna Elkhoury 678-575-7452, email:



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