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Pain in the neck

What can you do for you neck?

You may wonder what will help and I did, too. Because there is so much information coming at you from every direction, it can be hard to know just what will help.

First, let me say, I am not a doctor, chiropractor, or super hero with MRI glasses so I can't tell what you have going on in your spine or neck.

What I can do is share what helped me. A few years ago, I suffered from a neck injury. It was more than painful. It was downright annoying. It ruined my sleep, my activities, and basically my attitude because I couldn't stand it.

Physical therapy helped, medication helped, but nothing really fixed it until I understood that I had a weak neck.

I had to strengthen my weak neck in order to relieve the pain from strain that I was suffering from.

I began to search far and wide for answers and by that I mean I went straight to the internet and spent hours watching videos, reading and listening to advice, and pondering what I could do.

Then, since pondering doesn't do much and searching the internet only caused more neck pain I had to do something more useful.

I had to change my habits and add new exercises to my routine.

I started with these exercises:


They helped tremendously! Try them and then work on reducing bad habits - like spending too much time on the computer!

Have a great day! If you find you have trouble with these exercises or you need a few more tips come by the studio. I am happy to help.


Natasha Borg

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