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Truth In Motion Studio was featured on Georgia State Home website! Check out the full article 'Truth in Motion Yoga Puts Good Health within Reach '.

Vote for T-Bird - Survivor Finalist

I am inspired by fellow yogi and friend, Teresa Cooper, also known as T-Bird Survivor Season 3 Finalist, but its not her celebrity that I am in awe of. It's her amazing and joyful personality. Her smile is wide and welcoming. She takes the time to listen and share in a way that brings joy and comfort to others. I can attest to this personally, as she gave an ear when I really needed one. She is smart, friendly, and caring and she is not afraid to work hard for what she is passionate about. She's passionate about many things outside of yoga, from running and fitness to raising sheep and supporting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics Aids Foundation, which was a focal point during Survivor Africa

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