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Creating Space

Since my journey with yoga began more than twenty years ago, I have waxed and waned between disciplined and completely lax about my practice, but one thing has always remainted true: I practice better and more regularly when I have space and make space.

Does that mean you have to have a special room in your house dedicated only the practice of meditation, asana and pranayama? No.

Here is what I have learned about dedicating space over the course of one naval vessel, several tiny apartments, three cross continental moves, three houses, several periods of building construction, many full time and part time job changes, two kids, three pets, and my spouse's open heart surgery, plus life (of course):

1. Making time = making space. Marking out 15 minutes can make all the difference in your practice. It can bring mindfulness to even the most chaotic day. It can be fifteen minutes next to the side of your bed in the morning, or 5 in the shower plus 5 in the closet and 5 next to your coffee maker while waiting for your morning dose of caffeine. Carving out and dedicating time doesn't mean you have to give an hour to your mat each day, but it does mean you give yourself time to be mindful.

2. Making physical space = Nice place to practice = Better practice. Do I mean better practice or better practice? Exactly. It's both really. When you have a quiet space that is inviting, peaceful and private you are more likely to enjoy it which equals a more rewarding practice. A more rewarding practice leads to more desire to practice and even a sense of duty to giving yourself that time. Better Practice!

3. Making mental space = making transformative space. When you clear your mind of lists, tasks, memories, fears, and emotions and focus on the practice of breath and movement you create space for transformation. The quaility of your practice changes from stretching, breathing, focusing, and exercising to something greater than the some of these individual actions. This quality is hard to define or explain but it is the stuff of yoga, the ahhh and the joy of it. The way it changes us tiny bits at a time from the inside out. It's why we practice. Create space for yourself. Make time, dedicate a place, and commit mentally to it and see what you come up with and then tell me about in class.

Until then, enJOY your yoga.


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